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"Taped together" sticks to the viewer metaphorically themes that illustrate love in its many reincarnations, as it undergoes vandalism, criticism, and creative destruction. Social constructs, setbacks, conditioning, dreams,shared trauma - they all bind us together, in ways that may be lasting and ways that fall short, just like Disney's programming, personified through Mickey and Minnie. These heroic characters are classical kitsch symbols that open up a world of reflection and thoughtful interpretation - how much of our values, commitments, and perceived truths are real and everlasting - how many of our beliefs are held only by tape? This piece references Banksy and Cattelan, in their signature styles with similar elements like graffiti, emotionally-charged shapes, and dreamy words, an omen for capitalism and its discontents.

Taped Together - Barbie Pink

  • UV ON CANVAS 36 x 24 in

    Black Wooden Frame

    Edition: 1 of 1

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