We know Disney is known for creating beautiful fantasy storylines, but what we didn’t know was that dirty Mickey was fantasizing about all those dreamy princesses all this time. In many ways, Disney has shaped current perceptions of beauty. Pop culture TV and films from Disney basically dictate what is acceptable, ugly, and ideal. 

This collection draws inspiration from Lichtenstein while applying zesty-pop colors of Warhol. Apart from the original Lichtenstein collection, variants of the Playmouse are available in Warhol Chairman Mao variants, which pay tribute to Andy Warhol's Chairman Mao silkscreen prints. Finally, the Playmouse returns with a neon splat in the Pollock Neon series - which expands on the previous iterations of the Playmouse by adding paint splatters characteristic of Pollock.



Mickey Mouse is one of my personal favorite cartoon characters of all time. The company he represents, Disney, is such a force that has shaped me for the better, by propagating timeless themes like how good wins against evil, why love will succeed at all odds, and how questioning the status quo can lead to progress. However, my art claims to playfully shake the foundations of these themes. What is good? What is evil? What is love? What is the status quo and from what point of view? I hope you enjoy The Mouse Series as much as I enjoyed creating them.​

The Mousefather pays homage to the Godfather and Mickey Mouse. Playful as it is, this piece pokes fun at the role Disney plays as the Godfather in modern film and TV - sanctioning new forms of storytelling, cinematic experiences, and always the authority in the entertainment industry.




Winnie the Pooh is supposed to be this sweet innocent loving bear but he actually has an alter ego. Don't mess with his friends Piglet and Eeyore or else the Poohnisher will F*** you up. 

This whimsical piece is full of irony in the spirit of flipping the script. The warmest, kindest Disney character Pooh turns into an anti-hero who kills his prey mercilessly. 



Boba Fett loves to drink Milk Tea/Boba too... we don't blame him.

Tea is the Way parodies the saying "This is the Way" of Old Mandalore. Milk Tea and Boba tea definitely is a cultural phenomenon too and is often cult-like in its following.



The anti-NFT is a collection of bored apes and crypto punks, "cancelled" in a style reminiscent of Basquiat and New York Street artists, paying tribute to early vandals like Futura. This piece tackles the question of whether NFTs are here to stay, whether bored apes have racist roots, and the question of sustainability in this novel asset class that resembles the Wild West!