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Go Art Gallery is an online viewing room and transparent market for select 1 of 1 works (prints) by New York City based artist Sean Go. Mixed media, sculptures, and acrylic paintings only available through DF Art Agency or Derek Flores.

Sean was born and raised in Manila, and was educated in the USA to broaden his perspectives. He has 8 degrees from UC Berkeley, Emory, Columbia, and the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Parson's School of Design. From these diverse learning opportunities, Sean has blended a unique appropriation style in his art that parodies, yet pays homage to some of the pop artists before him - among them Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jeff Koons. Because of his education in economics and business, as well as his international upbringing, Sean's pieces incorporate themes of capitalism, coloniality, and human nature, often in a witty and fun way which is more nuanced that what initially meets the eye.


Fiesta Exhibition, a timeline of Filipino artists ranging from grand masters of the 1950s to 2000s, to modern abstract and pop artists (Ang Kiukok, Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, Michael Cacnio, Angel Cacnio, Oscar Zalameda, Paulina Luz Sotto, Sean Go). 2021

The Regency Brooklyn, New York City. April 2022.

Jakarta Art Moments Hybrid Art Fair. Online and at Art:1 New Museum and Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia. June 2022.

MOCAF - Modern and Contemporary Art Festival in Manila, Philippines. July 2022.

Indo Seni presents “Wave To The North”, The exhibition presents works of art paintings, sculptures, graphics, and digital artworks; NFT (Non-Fungible Token), curated by Argus FS. Mall of Indonesia (MOI). August 2022.

"What’s Next?” Group Exhibition. Cat-Eye Creative. Atlanta, Georgia. August 2022.

"Come Together?” Small Works Group Exhibition. Cat-Eye Creative. Atlanta, Georgia. August 2022.

Xavier Art Festival. Organized by DF Agency. January 2023.

ISM Community Art Show. February 2023.

"Fallacies of Fantasy." Secret Fresh Gallery. June 2023. Solo Show. 


Artists Agency for emerging markets, with artists who have gone into museums in Manila and Singapore.

Sean Go’s Pop Art World is Playfully Serious

This New York-Based Filipino Artist Is Carving Out His Place in the Pop Art World​​

Make it Pop. Quarterly Magazine featuring Filipino Artists, First Art Magazine in the Philippines.

NYC Artist Sean Go feature, Agos Environmental Show Feature, Secret Fresh Solo Feature

Alumni Siblings Sean and Katie Go, Sean Go at the ISM Community Art Fair

Artist Sean Go on how Religion, Toys, and Food Brands influence Artistic Creativity

Derek Flores of DF Art Agency: Purveyor of Today's Must-Have Art Pieces (Collection noted), Agos Environmental Show Raises Awareness on Conservation

Childhood Nostalgia, Consumerism, and the Big Business of Pop Appropriation Art.

Sean Go Identifies as a Pop Appropriation Artist

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