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Taho Trooper is a piece that combines two of the most nostalgic memories I have - from the streets of Manila to the Death Star in space. While this piece ultimately aims to be a funny and joyful work of art, this piece is also in dialogue with the themes of propaganda for the masses,  cults, and drinking the "cool aid" or "taho" in this case. How much of our choices, likings, and leanings are truly our own? In true Warhol and Koonsian spirit, Taho Trooper glamorizes the trivial daily experiences that we have, miss, and that form a central part of our identities, even as we grow older.

Taho Trooper - Nestle Ube

  • UV ON CANVAS 36 x 24 in

    Black Wooden Frame

    Edition: 1 of 1

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