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We all know the story of Samson, the biblical character known for his long hair and brute strength.

As far as bible stories are concerned, one could argue that he is the GOAT. But what if he was a goat? Yes, an actual goat... that was shaved. 

Inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics and the prolific Basquiat, this piece is a comical homage to the raw abstract expressionist style.


Have you ever shaved a fully grown goat with its majestic fluffy wool? I know I have when I was a playful lad in new Zealand! This beast of nature roams pastures and mountains with taking pride in its fine wool. But, shave this creature and it will look fragile, weak, and pitiful, as if its core identity was ripped apart. 

Samson the GOAT Blood Red


    36 x 24 in

    Black Wooden Frame

    Edition: 1 of 1

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