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"Sabor, 2 months old/Precious Cargo" depicts a young sabor, Tarzan's nemesis and murderer of his human parents, as a cub, being carried by her wounded mother, who was shot by a poacher herself. How can you blame Sabor for her hate towards humans? This rendition reinterprets and flips the script on Sabor, who under this reimagined circumstance, is a damaged cub, taking out her trauma wrongly on the same species that killed her dear mother." Tragic poetic justice, but an apt story for how life often unfolds - a vicious cycle of revenge with valid roots for empathy.


This piece is inspired by Botero’s Mona Lisa aged 12, and plays with the idea of judging others for their actions without knowing their circumstances.

Precious Cargo - Wilderness Brown

  • UV ON CANVAS 36 x 24 in

    Wooden Stretcher Frame

    Edition: 1 of 1

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