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Pedigree is a piece about social class, expectations, optics, and family history. Multiple themes and narratives are at play here, including how certain children are raised and treated like pets of a higher stature. Pedigree is a famous dog food brand with a name that implies some sort of lineage and elitism. "Pedigree" is also your lineage, your qualifications, and your status - a status and prestige symbol of sorts. This piece is a playful commentary on how families usually are brought up in a way that is similar to dogs in that schools, jobs, height, marriage, and other topics, are always the subject in the dinner table and consumed by the public. While pedigree is intangible, it is often consumed in a way that feeds the public, as everyone is so concerned with public perception.

Pedigree - Sean Yellow


    36 x 24 in

    Black Wooden Frame

    Edition: 1 of 1

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