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The Koons Terra Cotta Series immortalizes Disney characters as soldiers of battle, culture, and revenue generation for Disney. The pop appropriation piece combines character busts with ancient Terra Cotta warriors of the Qin dynasty in Xi'an. The massive popularity and roots of these characters had a military like purpose in that Disney characters and cartoons are easily shaped and controlled, unlike live action actors, who are prone to scandals, popularity declines, and cancel culture. Characters on the other hand, exist as ideas and non physical beings, who can parade without flaws and promote Disney values on the wide screen. Stylistically motivated by Koons Triple Elvis and Warhol’s Marilynx100 which explores the relationship and overlaps between mass media, technology, pop culture, and fine art.

Koons Terra Cotta Hulk Smash

  • UV ON CANVAS 24 x 24 in

    Wooden Stretcher Frame

    Edition: 1 of 1

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