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Emily was too good for this world, leaving an overwhelmingly positive impact on the lives she touched. This piece pays tribute to her colorful personality, her delightful demeanor, and her undying spirit, by personifying her as an abstract floating lantern that ascends to heaven, where she continues to bloom every day.


The piece uses pastel colors that are reminiscent of sipping a sweet-iced caramel macchiato on the coast of Italy, or eating a pink macaroon in an artisanal Parisian café. To achieve this effect, I use colors that invoke a gentle laugh, a warm hug, or a sweet smile.

The lantern’s flame is represented through the red floating square. Now Emily, once a being on earth is now in heaven and she has made the skies her home.



    36 x 24 in

    Black Wooden Frame

    Edition: 1 of 1

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